Right-Minded Teamwork: 9 Right Choices for Building a Team That Works … As One

By Dan HoganCMF – Certified Master Facilitator

I bet you’re one of those smart people who prefer a real-world team building workshop over a “pretend” one, right?


Right-Minded Teamwork: 9 Right Choices for Building a Team That Works As One

Right-Minded Teamwork: 9 Right Choices for Building a Team That Works As One
Well, this team-building approach is for you because it is the real-world — its the Right-Minded Way.

Real-world team building does not subscribe to the idea that games, outdoor exercises, or social events are the most effective approaches.  They can be a lot of fun, but they’re not valid substitutes for getting real teamwork done because they are indirect and do not resolve the team’s most pressing teamwork issues.  They are team bonding and not team building.  They are, for the most part, pretend workshops. Let’s End Pretend!

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Right-Minded Teamwork (RMT): 9 choices for building a Team That Works…as One is a practical guide that:

  • Outlines a realistic, direct, safe, and above all, a real-world team building approach.
  • Provides you with fundamental instruction in how to easily facilitate and incorporate the 9 choices in your team with straightforward real-world team exercises.
  • Augments and enhances other RMT courses such as our free and comprehensive 12 Step online course: How to Design a Right-Minded Team Building WorkshopHow to design a right-minded team building workshop
  • Provides you with a full range of resources (mostly free!) and opportunities to meet like-minded people through our website http://rightmindedteamwork.com.

Apply Right-Minded Teamwork into your team-building facilitation practice,  and . . .

  • You will create happy and satisfied team-building customers that will endorse and recommend you to other teams.
  • You will feel a strong sense of accomplishment because you truly helped your client team to successfully address and resolve their real-world team issues, and
  • You will build a long and rewarding team-building facilitator career that will produce many life-long and enduring friendships.





Richard K. Murray JD/Ph.D., Executive Director, The Dispute Resolution Center of the Northwest

Just a quick note to tell you I successfully used the principles of Right-Minded Teamwork in a community mediation setting I recently completed. Your book and pocket cards helped a team of volunteers who provided a service to the community overcome dysfunctional behavior and develop a mediated team agreement that allowed the services to be resumed. You did a great job in developing the book. It was a very pragmatic way for the volunteers to air their issues and decide how to resolve them so the team could go forward with its performance of service to the community.  I would recommend Right-Minded Teamwork to any mediator engaged in dysfunctional behavior in community mediation.

Robin Hensley, Sr. Director UPS

A fast read that takes you straight to the root of team dysfunctions and gives you proven, step by step tools to improve team function and deliver results. I have paid $1000’s for team training and workshops that are better summarized here. I am glad to be reminded to choose Reason over Ego and stay in my right-mind.

Alan Kleier, Vice President, Chevron

The author of this guide (you) is all knowing and has clearly and in a pithy way documented the nine steps to bringing a team together.  That togetherness and one mindedness are key elements to an average team doing extraordinary things. Your work provides a roadmap to use in building a team that works. Again, thank you. I always enjoyed our time together and appreciate all you did for me and my teams.


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About the Author and this Book

Dan Hogan, Certified Master Facilitator

This is a practical team-building facilitator’s guide and teammate handbook.  It’s based on Dan Hogan’s three decades of in-the-field experience working directly with over 500 teams in the US and several other countries.

This book is a perfect teammate pre-read before the workshop because when teammates read this book, they will be more engaged and prepared to do their part in the team-building workshop.

After reading this book (even if teammates only scan it) they will clearly understand what they can do to ensure success which benefits them, the team and more importantly the team’s customers.

That is why we say . . .

Right-Minded Teamwork is your goal.
Teams That Work … As One is your means.
Customer Happiness & Satisfaction is your result.


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